Drivable Grass

Simply the best permeable, flexible and plantable pavement system in the marketplace today!

Drivable Grass

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DRIVABLE GRASS® is a permeable, flexible and plantable concrete pavement system that is environmentally friendly and a beautiful alternative to poured concrete and asphalt.

DRIVABLE GRASS® offers the same strength and durability as conventional pavers while offering permeability, flexibility and infill options such as grass, gravel, sod, ground cover, sand, and other infill choices. Unlike other concrete products.

DRIVABLE GRASS® facilitates the growth of a continuous root system below the mats, promoting healthy turf while minimizing moisture evaporation.

DRIVABLE GRASS® is designed with an engineered polymer grid which allows flexibility and conformity to irregular ground surface contours along pre-defined linear grooves, while providing the intended structural support. The geometry of DRIVABLE GRASS® allows for enhanced root penetration, infiltration and filtration of storm water into the underlying soil, increased on-site storm water storage, and minimization of site runoff. Even when saturated, DRIVABLE GRASS® maintains its load supporting characteristics. DRIVABLE GRASS® will not crack or break like rigid concrete, or pop up and wear like plastic paving.

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