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Decorative Rocks

Decorative rocks are a collection of beautiful rocks used for landscape design. Some of the landscaping rocks available are river rocks, gravel, crushed stones, pebbles, lava rocks, and more. Landscape rocks are ideal for constructing dry creek beds, or water-conserving landscapes. They are also great for creating focal points for your landscape.

Are you thinking about revamping your home’s outside space or garden area or searching for the perfect decorative rocks for your vase? Well, you can stop looking because our selection of landscaping rocks is a fantastic place to start your dream project. 

With the correct decorative landscaping rocks, you can increase the attractiveness of your property and its surrounding areas. Update your outdoor areas to come home to a serene and relaxing environment.

One can’t stop admiring a yard that is beautifully decorated with landscape rocks. Believe it or not, decorative rocks can change the whole look of a landscape. Whether it is a patio, driveway, playground or pathway, landscape rocks are the most versatile options available at a low cost. You can install them in the pool or add to the garden borders to give a complete makeover!

Landscape rocks have many advantages when it comes to cutting the costs of maintaining your landscape. This works wonders for places that have limited access to water as they do not require watering at all. What’s more to landscape rocks? They can survive tough climatic changes and can make a yard look larger. They last longer than any other ground cover and add texture to space.

Rock & Block Hardscape Supply offers a wide range of decorative rocks to give a spectacular and attractive view to your landscape project.

Benefits of Our Decorative Rock

If you’re looking to update your outdoor settings, you should visit us in San Diego. Rock & Block Hardscape Supply offers a wide range of large decorative rocks to give a spectacular and attractive view of your landscape.

Most landscapers use our decorative landscaping rocks to improve or change the look of their outdoor areas. In our hot, dry climate, grass dries out quickly in the summer. It is beneficial to add decorative rocks to your landscape because they are cost-effective, help converse water and electricity, and are easy to maintain. Whereas grass and plants require daily care that can be costly.

Decorative rock also lasts much longer than other types of ground covers. It doesn’t decompose like mulch or wood chips, so you won’t need to replace it as often. Rock can also withstand lots of foot traffic and still look sturdy and beautiful. Plus, unlike mulch, stones don’t attract insects like termites. It is an ideal and popular choice with the continuing drought conditions in San Diego.

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Different Types of Decorative Rocks: A Guide to Landscaping Rocks

Before you begin working or upgrading your outdoor areas, it is necessary to educate yourself on the different types of decorative landscaping rocks available. Choose the rock or rocks that are ideally suited to your liking and consider the design, affordability, and functionalities.

garden stepping stones

A few rocks to choose from:

River Rocks

As the term suggests, these rock types are found in river beds that have been washed down, strained out, and smoothened by water. They are perfect for decorative landscape designs like dry rock beds or drainage areas. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors.


Gravel is made from the loose accumulation of rock or stone particles. They are available in different particle sizes and can be broken down into granules, rounded rock fragments, boulder-sized fragments, and more. This rock type is best known for preventing weed growth and is added as ground cover while making a pathway with step stones. Pea-sized gravel is a favorite for landscape design.

Crushed Stones

A natural rock type, especially white stones, that are formed from construction aggregate by mining. The rocks are broken down to the desired size by crushers. This decorative stone can be styled nicely with a variety of outdoor areas because of its diverse size and color availability.


Common forms of decorative landscaping rock, pebbles, are rounded stones available in a variety of sizes and colors that can seamlessly blend with the features in your yard. These rocks are naturally smooth and polished that help adds texture to your outdoor areas like gardens, pathways, water features, yards, and more. Mexican beach pebbles are a popular choice amongst landscapers.

Lava Rocks

Molten rocks are formed when volcanic, igneous rocks cool and harden on the lava surface. They are used as luxurious stones in landscape design and are best for dry climates. The rocks are available in different shapes and hues that add emphasis to green plants. Black lava rock is a popular choice for landscapes.


Garden stones or beach pebbles are medium-sized curved stones. The naturally rounded stones are used to build water features, decks, or patios. Cobblestones are popular decorative landscaping rocks that provide aesthetically appealing results to create a seamless pathway.

At Rock & Block Hardscape Supply, we carry a rock in several sizes. We also carry large river rocks along with pebbles, construction rocks, and sand.

Decorative DG (Decomposed Granite)

Decomposed Granite is Great For Garden Paths & Driveways

Decomposed granite, abbreviated as “DG” and resembling fine gravel or coarse sand, is formed from broken down granite rock. Decomposed granite retains moisture more effectively and requires minimal maintenance. Decorative decomposed granite is ideal for garden paths, driveways, patios and walkways. These granites are environmentally safe and reduce inland heat caused by concrete and asphalt. Explore high quality decomposed granite and colors at Rock & Block Hardscape Supply in San Diego.

decorative garden stepping stones

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You can order Decorative Rocks & DG and save money on our products. Since 1989, our family-owned business has provided products to more than 100,000 customers in the San Diego area. We are now excited to also be serving Riverside County from our location in Temecula.

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Where to buy decorative rocks near me?2021-09-16T06:36:22-07:00

Visit a Rock & Block store near you now. Visit our stores at El Cajon and Temecula. 

Where can I buy decorative rocks?2021-09-16T06:36:52-07:00

Order decorative rocks directly from the Rock & Block website by simply placing an order online or visit us at a store located near you in El Cajon and Temecula

Where to buy decorative rocks for the garden?2021-09-16T06:42:16-07:00

Rock & Block Hardscape Supply offers a variety of decorative landscape rocks for gardens. You can browse our website under the ‘Products’ section, and learn about our products for sale. Place your order on our website or visit us at the store located near you. Visit us at El Cajon and Temecula to get in touch now!

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You can place an order to buy decorative rocks directly from our website, or visit us at the location nearest to you in El Cajon and Temecula. Call us now.