At Rock & Block Hardscape Supply we stock a lot of tools that contractors use on a day to day basis. From a full line of diamond blades to shovels and concrete trowels. We are sure to have what you are going to need. We also stock concrete dyes and stucco colors to match up with all the different projects you are working on.

Tape tapes
-Masking tape
-Duct Tape
-Upside down Paint
Excel Tools excel_tools
-Concrete Edgers
Trowels scrapers
-Pool Trowels -Tile Trowels
-Concrete Finishing Trowel
Floats scrapers2
-Sponge Floats -Rubber Floats
-Tile Floats
Brushes brushes
-Masonry Brushes
-Paint Brushes
Shovels shovels
-Shovels for all your digging needs!
-Multiple sizes available.
Sealers buckets
-Wet look
-Water Base
-Acrylic Base
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See several examples of the finished product as well at our facility by clicking here gallery

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